I can tailor a structured a progressive plan that matches the needs of your goal. This begins by testing your current fitness and assessing your current training load. As your quantity and quality of training increases so do your chances of improving your Functional Threshold Power (FTP).


 Whether you want to race, achieve your next category, win a race or just become fast enough to beat your spotiive time, I can help you. We have experience developing riders from sportive first timers through to competitive points scorers as well as taking experienced third category riders to second category and beyond


 Whether you’re an elite athlete or a first timer I can help you through your cycling life journey. 

Riders with a goal of finishing their next big challenge can rest in peace that having a cycling coach,  can benefit you more, than those who do not. 

My Services

Performance Coaching


If you  Road Race, Time Trial or compete in Duathlon and Triathlon, I can get the best out of you and your bike and advance you to the next level. Whether you need a small amount of guidance or would like professional level coaching with daily contact I can cater for your needs  and will tailor a program to suit with the comfort of being coached by British Cycling Level 3 Road and Time Trial Coach. 

Goal Preparation


 Do you have a charity bike ride or big event coming up? Would you like to be as prepared as possible so that you can enjoy the day and make sure you not only finish, but excel? 

With a lifetime of coaching experience to draw on I can create training plans to suit the demands of an event that will not only get you through the day, but in style

Fitness Testing


Want to know where you're currently at and where you can go. I can give you a detailed understanding and reassurance of this sometimes complex area of where your current fitness level are and how to improve them? With in-depth analysis such as pedal stroke efficiency to make sure you're not wasting as little energy as possible.

Blood Lactate Testing


 Blood lactate testing - a 'step test' for accurate determination of power and heart rate training zones to make the most of your training. This involves a series of short periods of increasing intensity riding with a small blood sample at the end of each step to measure just how hard you're working. You will receive a full report outlining the results, training zones and recommendations for your training. 

About Me

My background


Kyle started his sporting career at Pangbourne College where he started competing in Triathlon at the age of 10. He was talant spotted at 12 after he started rowing and rowed at an Elite Level until he was 25. At the same time Kyle trained as a British Rowing Level 2 Coach along side gaining a degree in Sport Science. Taking a break from all sport due to work commitments it was in 2012 after the birth of his first child Kyle fell in love with cycling. In six years he has gone from complete novice to Road Racer and Master GB team representitive and gaining a Level 3 certificate in coaching,  British Cyclings highest coaching award

My Support Team


My support team consists of my family, My wife Becky a Sports Massage Therapist and my two children Darcey and Ellis. It also includes my fellow coaches and my team of fellow cyclists from my first ever cycling club Swallowfield Velo Club and my current race team Vector Cycling Race Team. From my experience as a Rowing Coach, Sport Scientist and Personal Trainer for the Police I have a depth of knowledge and experience to draw on when needed

My Winning Philosophy


I believe that everyone can suceed in their cycling goals no matter how big or small they are. I work with both  novice and elite cyclists in both Road and Time Trial disciplines to Provide the constant support and guidance you need to progress.  Last year this resulted in my Riders placing second in their age group at the Tour of Cambridge, qualifying for the Triathlon Age World Championships in Australia  and being promoted to a second category road racer  



Contact Me

My clients are very important to me. Do you have questions or comments about coaching? Send me a message, and I will get back to you.

Crown Cycle Coaching

11 Bowling Green Lane, Purley on Thames, Reading, RG8 8EJ, United Kingdom


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